Requirements to open a Mercantile checking account

The checking account merchant of the Mercantile Bank is a banking instrument with ample benefits and that you can request in any office of said bank. With this account you have the possibility of obtaining a checkbook and a Business Key, which you can use at any time of the year, as well as all the services of electronic banking.

It should be noted that the Mercantil check is a safe and reliable instrument, which can be satisfied at the moment you wish, calling the Mercantile Attention Center.

Requirements for an Account Merchant

To open a current account merchant at the Mercantile Bank you must be of legal age and it is necessary to have certain requirements requested by the financial institution, such as original and legible copy of the current laminated identity card or passport.

If the marital status is outdated in the identity document, it is important to present a document evidencing the marriage, divorce or death of the couple, as appropriate.

Whether you are a Venezuelan citizen or a resident alien, in both cases it is necessary to present the updated identity document. In case of non-resident foreigners, they must present valid passport with a valid Venezuelan visa if applicable for their country of origin.

acountant merchant open

On the other hand, it is a requirement the original and readable copy of the RIF (Fiscal Information Registry). However, in the case of Pensioners of Social Security does not apply this requirement, on the other hand, if you have a bank account merchant in another entity, it is necessary to submit two (2) bank references, if not the case and will open account for the first time , It is necessary to download and fill out the affidavit where it is stated that it does not have an account with another bank.

In addition, you must provide two (2) personal references on letter-size sheets of two people who do not live with you (can be family members), and have a fixed local telephone number (not a cell phone), address, And full surnames, without errors and with a maximum of 3 months old.

Finally, you must deliver original and copy of a public service receipt to your name that indicates the address where you reside. If, on the other hand, you do not have the receipt in your name, you can submit a Residency Certificate.

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