Savings Account or Current Account?

This is a topic that is open to debate, especially if you are starting in the world of personal finance, so I decided to make this post that aims to guide you to get the maximum benefits of your money.

Day by day technology changes, in this century more and more systems are implemented that seek to streamline business and offer convenience to the customers of a company, some 30 years ago, even the only payment method that was universally accepted was cash, But nowadays we carry bills, coins, and all that stuff is rather cumbersome, and given the delinquency and social insecurity is rather dangerous, these technologies also have certain benefits, such as facilitating international trade, That is why more and more companies and independent sellers intend to increase their sales by offering various means of payment, such as PayPal that is a novel option that allows transfer capital at low costs without borders, there is also the well-known check that more than one.

Has given us headaches because of the bank’s inefficiencies, its security measures, its demands on the coincidence of Signatures, check writing, checkbook handling, in short it’s all bundle, another system is the point of sale, you carry your credit or debit card, raisin, you put your data, and ready, but to get a Point of sale in Venezuela is quite difficult, usually slows down, and also implies the fact that the merchant must pay a percentage and / or income to the bank for the use of this service. For all this something that many companies today are adopting is the payment by bank transfer online, is a relatively simple system, much cheaper than the checkbook, and that simply transfers funds from one account merchant to another quickly, throwing a code that confirms The transaction and that serves to make any subsequent claim, so some stores are currently adopting this system to make sales, especially with the prevailing paranoia with respect to the transport of money, also provides the possibility to go to the bank, make a deposit and Ready, and something to which many are apathetic that is to make a transfer of funds through a phone call to the bank.

acountant merchant savings

But outside of this, you have to go to what really matters, which are the advantages that offers you as an entrepreneur or merchant a bank account merchant, and this is where the question arises “Savings, or current ?.

Both are useful, but differ in the provision of customer services, so you have to determine which one is right for you.

The savings account merchant is the most basic account, in this mode the bank presumes that your interest is not commercial but simply save your money, so you are asked for a minimum amount that is considerably low to open the account, in Venezuela generally this amount does not Exceeds 100 Bs. That is approximately 25 $, is very little, and in addition to this they pay you interest to entrust your money, the charges they make are minimal and for very specific services such as the request for a new notebook, a Debit card, or to use some other service such as the external lockers (which are already obsolete) and ATMs of other banks, however this type of accounts represents other disadvantages for the customer, for example, no checks or cards are issued.

Credit for savings customers, the link between the bank and the ahorrista is much weaker than it seems, you give them your money and you can withdraw it whenever you want, they use Your money for your loans even though you can have it whenever you want, in return they pay you a low interest rate to lend them your money, and there ends the bank-client relationship. But if you are starting your business this can be an attractive option, starting with the fact that the account merchant allows you to verify your movements online with your debit card, you can make online and telephone transfers, and most importantly you can receive transfers and deposits from Any bank. This is what really interests us, and what creates the back link between your services and the customer, is a way to offer a more comfortable payment option, however the saving account merchants are not commercial accounts and therefore are perceived with Less seriousness by customers.

The current account, on the other hand, represents a closer link between the bank and the customer who is no longer considered a savers as such, but becomes a potential class B partner of the bank. These clients are offered all the services of the bank. Bank (VIP style) such as mortgage loans, simple loans, credit cards, debit cards, checkbooks, online transfers for much higher amounts, promotions, savings, insurance, etc, etc., etc.

Requirements are higher and listed below:

1. The amount of opening is much higher.
2. Do not generate interest
3. They charge for maintenance services, handling of cards, checkbooks, and almost entering the bank
4. Account merchant must be constantly mobilized
5. When the amount of the account decreases the expenses increase by the established minimum
6. It does not matter that you do not even have your services charged
7. Greater responsibility for the handling and use of the account

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